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Working with the Weather

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Second-grade students at Babylon Elementary School recently applied their scientific knowledge as they researched and ultimately formulated their very own weather reports. Utilizing green screen technology, students presented their findings to classmates using various weather-related props and pictures of their designated areas throughout the United States.

Serving French Dishes

Serving French Dishes Photo 1
Serving French Dishes Photo 2
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Babylon Junior-Senior High School freshmen enrolled in Melissa Anderson’s French II classes recently put their culinary skills to the test as they prepared authentic French mayonnaise in the school’s new Family and Consumer Science room. Additionally, students enjoyed their creations with fresh cut “pommes frites” (French fries) in conjunction with their French food and culture studies.

Enchanting the Audience

Enchanting the Audience Photo 1
Enchanting the Audience Photo 2
Enchanting the Audience Photo 3
First-graders in Leah Weissinger’s class at Babylon Elementary School recently put on a magical performance for the entire school as they reenacted popular folktales they had learned about in class. Throughout the play, students told tales of three different stories, including the ever-popular “The Fisherman and His Wife.” The initiative served not only as an entertaining event for the school, but also helped reinforce several key skills students have learned in class, including public speaking, reading fluency and collaboration.

A Night of Musical Achievement

A Night of Musical Achievement Photo
The recent district Board of Education Meeting was full of celebrations as the school community honored the vast accomplishments of student-musicians throughout the district.

To begin the evening’s recognitions, 26 students from both Babylon Junior-Senior High School and Babylon Memorial Grade School were presented with commemorative certificates for taking part in the Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association All-County Music Festival this past March. These student-musicians are chosen to perform in the festival based on musical talent, NYSSMA scores and teacher recommendations.

Additionally, Babylon Junior-Senior High School student-musicians Lindsey Daily and Emma Schubart were celebrated for participating in the SCMEA All-Eastern Music Festival. These two seniors represent the top 5 percent of student-musicians from the east coast.

Sharpening Broadcasting Skills

Sharpening Broadcasting Skills Photo

Fifth-graders at Babylon Memorial Grade School are learning real-life broadcasting and writing skills as they take part in technology teacher Danielle Weis’ after-school program called the Babylon Broadcasting Club.

While attending the club, which meets once per week, students take matters into their own hands as they write, produce and utilize iPads to film their own segments, incorporating factual information and humorous banter throughout. Examples of some of the segments students are producing include movie reviews, sports updates, video game reviews, answering fan mail and the class favorite, “Spotting Mr. Goldberg” feature, when students “candidly” find Babylon Memorial Grade School Principal Steven Goldberg taking part in a humorous activity.

“The project allows students a fun and exciting way to present school news and engage in collaborative work while using technology,” said Mrs. Weis. “Broadcasting teaches the students such valuable skills such as teamwork, public speaking, research, technology, digital literacy, internet safety and media usage.”

Leo Club Dinner and A Show

Leo Club Dinner and A Show Photo

Members of the Babylon Junior-Senior High School Leo Club recently hosted their annual “Dinner and a Show” event for local senior citizens, featuring a delicious meal and a special viewing of the Drama Club’s production of “The Pajama Game.”

Throughout the course of the evening, guests were served entrées such as pasta dishes, courtesy of Babylon’s Café Il Villaggio, and a delectable crumb cake whipped up by Babylon Junior-Senior High School’s own Jeanmarie Sheehan.

After being escorted to their seats by members of the Leo Club, guests enjoyed the Drama Club’s production of “The Pajama Game,” directed by Babylon School District music teachers Eddie Storey and Jordan Hue.

“As part of the Leo Club, our members recognize the importance of giving back to their community and always do so with enthusiasm,” said Babylon Leo Club co-adviser Lisa Brush. “The students are the heart of this event; they decorate the tables, put together the dinner, serve our guests and even select the music. It's a wonderful experience for everyone involved and we hope to continue this tradition for many years.”

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Students Serve Up A Winner

Students Serve Up A Winner Photo

Three Babylon Junior-Senior High School students enrolled in Jenna Schwartz’s culinary arts classes, along with one former culinary arts student, were recently awarded a third-place trophy at the Iron Chef Jr. competition held at the Whole Foods Market of Lake Grove.

The team, which consisted of Sean Cosgro, Hayley Swaine, Emilie Leibstein and Ms. Schwartz’s former culinary student Sophia Levine-Aquino, competed against 11 other schools in the high school division to claim their title.

Throughout the competition, the team worked collaboratively to create a vegetarian Shepard’s Pie main dish following certain nutritional criteria. They had one hour to prepare ingredients, make the dish and plate the finished product for the judges to taste. Despite being given the mystery ingredient of raspberries, which was to be incorporated into the dish, the students persevered and created a delicious raspberry sauce which impressed the judges. 

“I am so proud of my students,” said Ms. Schwartz. “They worked as a team to come up with a creative, healthy and delicious dish and didn’t let the pressure get to them throughout the course of the day.”

District Launches the Parent Portal Grade Book for Grades 7-12


Rock Your Socks

Rock Your Socks Photo

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, staff and students throughout the district recently showed their support for individuals with Down syndrome by participating in the “Rock Your Socks” awareness campaign, which asks individuals to wear exciting, colorful socks. 

With assistance from Babylon School District Director of Special Education Lisa Consolo and Babylon Buddy Club Advisors Jaime Harrison and Barbara O’Halloran, the day proved to be a huge success, as large numbers of staff and students participated. In addition to the colorful footwear they sported, the district also collected $600 to be donated to the Association for Children with Down Syndrome, Inc. 

“The Babylon students never cease to amaze me,” said Mrs. Consolo. “The event began as a celebration to increase awareness and celebration of our personal and unique attributes, but, in the end, it was clear that we all have more in common than we have differences.”


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World Language/ENL Week

World Language/ENL Week Photo

The district’s students and staff recently celebrated National Foreign Language Week through a variety of culture-themed activities.

During the celebration, students participated in games, trivia contests, scavenger hunts, crafts and more all in an effort to enhance their understating of the world’s multiple languages. 

Students in English as a New Language classes at Babylon Elementary School learned about other countries and spoke to their fellow students about their own heritage. Additionally, they created flags from their native country or those which were highlighted during the week.

Students at Babylon Memorial Grade School utilized globes to locate countries where Spanish and French are spoken, amongst other romance languages. 

To further their appreciation for different world languages, students at Babylon-Junior Senior High School listened to music in other languages and enjoyed foods from other cultures during the “International Dessert Buffet” held within their lunch periods.  

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VIDEO: Robotics

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Musicians Hit High Notes

Musicians Hit High Notes
Musicians Hit High Notes 2
Musicians Hit High Notes 3

The district would like to congratulate nine Division I Babylon Memorial Grade School student-musicians and 17 Division II and III Babylon Junior-Senior High School student-musicians on being selected to play in the recent Suffolk County Music Educators' Association’s All-County Music Festival based on their musical talents and recommendations from their music teachers.

Division I consist of Babylon Memorial Grade School students Ashley Burke (band), Gwen Fawess (chorus), Maya Knyper (chorus), Natalia Lutz (chorus), Peyton Mcmillan (chorus), Alice Schubart (orchestra), Coleman Schubart (orchestra), Megan Snyder (chorus) and Katherine Taylor (orchestra).

Division II consists of Babylon Junior-Senior High School students Timothy Altbacker (band), Allison Fama (chorus), Matthew Minicozzi (orchestra), Nicholas Olejnik (band), Sachi Onishi (orchestra), Thomas Orifici (orchestra), Ethan Schubart (orchestra), Sarah Sherman (chorus), Mia Timson (chorus) and Dominic Trivigno (chorus).

Additionally, Division III consist of Babylon Junior-Senior High School students Sydney Altbacker (orchestra), Aubrey Alvino (chorus), Matthew Batura (orchestra), Olivia Berry (Chorus), Ryan Marrone (chorus), Julia Minicozzi (chorus), and Peter Schubart (orchestra). 


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New Language Skills

New Language Skills1
Sixth-grade students throughout Babylon Memorial Grade School recently learned how to count numbers in the Spanish language. They also compared and contrasted the various cultural similarities and differences in connection with the Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools program. Throughout the course of the FLES program, the sixth-graders have been introduced to the language and culture of France in the first half of the school year, and will now spend the remainder of the school year learning about the Spanish language.

Celebrating 100 Days of School

Celebrating 100 Days of School
Celebrating 100 Days of School  2
Celebrating 100 Days of School  3
Celebrating 100 Days of School  4
Celebrating 100 Days of School  5
Celebrating 100 Days of School  6
Staff and students at Babylon Elementary School recently celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up to mimic themselves as how they envisioned themselves at 100 years old. Additionally, students within Laura Foerster’s kindergarten class took part in a collaborative STEAM-related activity, which allowed the students to use their imaginations and build structures while working in small groups.

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Community Gathering

Community Gathering
Community Gathering2
Community Gathering3
Community Gathering4
Community Gathering5
In an effort to strengthen the district’s school-to-community partnership and keep open lines of communication, Babylon School District recently held its second annual Legislative Advocacy Workshop and Community Summit focused on important educational matters.

After a stunning musical performance from Babylon Junior-Senior High School students Maxwell O’Handley and Kyra Pitagno, Superintendent of Schools Linda Rozzi gave a warm welcoming address.

Throughout her message, she shared an overview of the district’s recent successes, and invited attendees to share any initiative ideas they had that would benefit the community as a whole. Items discussed included the district’s prudent financial plans to fund programs that support students as well as the efforts being made to ensure the health and safety of all Babylon students.

In addition to the district representatives that were on hand, multiple elected leaders were in attendance and spoke about the collective community effort to education. Attendees included Suffolk County Police Department Commissioner Timothy Sini and Babylon Village Mayor Ralph Scordino, each of whom discussed how they are taking the steps necessary to maintain a safe environment for all of Babylon.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China 2
The Great Wall of China 3
Third-graders throughout Babylon Memorial Grade School recently took part in an important classroom lesson focused on the differences and similarities between Chinese and American culture. After their lessons, the students applied their knowledge to an artistic project and created paper dragons with facts written onto them, which were posted along the walls of the third-grade hallway.  

Business Honor Society Inductions

Business Honor Society Inductions
Business Honor Society Inductions 2
Based on their academic interests and scholastic talents, 21 Babylon Junior-Senior High School DECA members were recently inducted into the Babylon chapter of the New York State Business Honor Society.

These accomplished students have contributed time and effort throughout the course of this school year through a variety of community service efforts, including volunteering at local soup kitchens, assisting at the Babylon Memorial Grade School Lip Sync competition and donating to the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition.

“I am incredibly proud of everything that these students have been able to accomplish thus far,” said Claire Reilly, advisor of the school’s Business Honor Society and chairperson of the practical arts department. “With their efforts, not only do they impress the faculty and staff throughout the Babylon School District, but they also set a shining example for the younger students in our community.”

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A Visit from Gordon Korman

A Visit from Gordon Korman

All students at Babylon Memorial Grade School were recently visited by popular children’s book author Gordon Korman for an interactive presentation in which he spoke to the students about the importance of being creative and drawing inspiration from everyday events. Mr. Korman, who wrote his first book “This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall” when he was 12 years old, has written over 80 books to date.

Student Accomplishments

Student Accomplishments
Student Accomplishments 2
Student Accomplishments 3

The recent Babylon School District Board of Education Meeting celebrated student accomplishments throughout all grade levels.

To begin the night’s recognitions, Babylon Junior-Senior High School students who represent Girl Scout Troop 283 were honored for recently earning the Silver Award, the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. According to the Girl Scouts of America’s website, this award is attained by contributing a positive change to your neighborhood or school in an effort to make it a better place.

As part of the district’s ongoing STEAM initiatives, students throughout the district are engaging in hands-on and critical thinking programs regularly. During the meeting, Babylon Memorial Grade School’s Programming Panthers and Babylon Junior-Senior High School VEX Robotics team helped to demonstrate some of the work they have completed in this area and their accomplishments to date.

Following the demonstration, Babylon Memorial Grade School’s Programming Panthers were honored by the Board of Education for their third-place win in a recent competition, earning the “Gracious Professionalism” award for showing kindness toward other competing teams and for advancing to the Championship Tournament held at Longwood High School on March 5.  The two Babylon Junior-Senior High School VEX Robotics teams were celebrated for competing against 48 top teams and taking home ninth and 24th place during their first competition at Berner Middle School VRC Qualifier.  

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Bond Information

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