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Board Committees


Board of Education Committee Meeting Dates for the 2016-2017 school year

Audit Committee

Tricia Pane, Chairperson
Dominic Bencivenga
Ann Donaldson

Audit Committee Notes

The goal of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Education in the oversight of both the internal and external audit functions. This committee reviews the corrective action plans and necessary improvement based on audit findings and recommendations received from external and internal auditors. Members provide a communications link between the external and internal auditors and the Board.

Audit Reports



Buildings and Grounds Committee

Dominic Bencivenga, Chairperson
Ann Donaldson

Linda Jurs
Dominick Montalto

Tricia Pane

Buildings and Grounds Committee Notes

The goal of the Building & Grounds Committee is to review district-wide buildings and grounds needs as they pertain to the maintenance of our buildings/grounds and the status of ongoing bond projects. Members provide a communications link between the school construction management company, the architectural firm and the Board.


Curriculum Committee

Carol Dell’Erba, Chairperson
Ann Donaldson

Curriculum Committee Notes

The goal of the Curriculum Committee is to review district-wide programs and student achievement for constant and continuous improvement. This committee also provides a conduit for sharing best practices amongst our schools.


Finance Committee

Linda Jurs, Chairperson
Ann Donaldson
Carol Dell'Erba

Finance Committee Notes

The goal of the Finance Committee is to work closely with the Deputy Superintendent in analyzing the working draft of the executive budget. The committee will provide specific recommendations to the Board of Education on how a balance can be achieved between the educational needs of the district's students, the residents' expectations and the district's fiscal ability to address those needs.  


Policy Committee

Elizabeth Altbacker, Chairperson
Ann Donaldson
Dominic Bencivenga

Policy Committee Notes

The goal of the Policy Committee is to review the compliance of existing policies that govern the district and develop and/or update policies as deemed by educational law.  The committee provides the Board with the amended draft for consideration prior to formal approval by the Board of Education.


Technology Committee

Dominick Montalto, Chairperson
Carol Dell'Erba
Ann Donaldson
Linda Jurs

Technology Committee Notes

The goal of the Technology Committee is to review the existing Technology Plan and update it as needed. The technology committee will make recommendations for policies and practices related to the use of technology in our schools. Additionally, this committee is responsible for the planning of district-wide technology upgrades.





Saturday, August 19, 2017