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169 Park Avenue
Babylon, New York 11702
Main Office: (631) 893-7980
Principal: Mr. Steven Goldberg  
School Hours:
8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.


A Message from the Principal

April 24, 2017

Math Assessments Update

Just a reminder that the New York State Math Assessments will be
administered on May 2nd through May 4th at the Grade School.

In an effort to minimize disruption to instruction, I will be
implementing the following plan that is outlined below:

1. All students sitting for the assessments will be located in a
Grade Level classroom. If students require specific accommodations, they
will test in an alternate location in their Grade Level wing.

2. Students that are not participating in the assessments will sit
in a Grade Level “Refusal” classroom. This classroom will be in the same
wing as their classmates who are sitting for the assessments. “Refusers”
will be allowed to read or work in a notebook.

3. When students complete the assessments they will remain in their
designated location. Those students who do not finish the assessment
within the State recommended time will be relocated to a nearby classroom
to complete their work.

4. “Refusal” students will be allowed to return to their classrooms
at the end of the State recommended time. Although instruction will
continue at this time, no new material will be introduced until all
students are present.

5. Please make sure your child eats a well-balanced breakfast, as
snack time (for younger students) may be altered due to assessments.

Have a good weekend,

Steve Goldberg
Friday, April 28, 2017